Strategic Management

Strategic Management

L’Oreal is the largest cosmetics group in the world, operating in 130 countries, offering 27 international brands, and employing 68,9000 people. Its sales accounted for €20.3 billion in 2011. The same year, 613 new patents were registered (L’Oreal, 2012a, p. 1). The company concentrates on strategic areas offering high technological value, i.e. hair colour, ... read more

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Carfinco Financial Group


To: Board of Directors, Managers Carfinco Financial Group

From: CEO

Re: Expanded budget for further investment on information systems to lower our operational costs and develop a competitive edge in global competition.

In my view, the organizational work process needs to be clearl... read more

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Strategy Implementation

Executive summary

The purpose of this work consists in evaluation of the impact of four primary organizational components on effective realization of Southwest Airlines’ mission and strategy. Organizational design supports the mission and strategy by enhancing the decision-making process and helping create a special atmosphere that motivates workers to perform better. Contro... read more

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