The Role of Afro-Americans in the World War II

After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, the United States entered the World War II. The Afro-American population played a very significant role in the outcome of the War as there were whole subdivisions of Afro-Americans in the infantry, air and on ships. The fighters were very skilled and despite the fact that they were not treated well, they assisted in defeating the Nazis and the Japanese. Afro-... read more

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Homeward Bound: American Families in the Cold War Era

During the America’s World War Two, the nation experienced greater heights of insecurity such that young habitats were very willing yet scared to start families or even explore into the skills, talents and abilities.

In the year 1959 just after the Cold War, a very young couple got married and went for their honeymoon at a bomb-sheltered place. Some photographs revea... read more

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Historical Movie Review

People all over the world like to watch interesting films: comedies, dramas, melodramas, horror films, thrillers, historical films etc. All of them have a specific purpose –to effervesce spirits, to soothe, to produce a romantic mood, to make laugh or to teach. There are a great number of masterpieces which are able to attract so strong, that having watched one time a person cannot help wat... read more

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African immigration to France

African Immigration to FranceThe research paper will cover the issues that are closely connected with the immigration of Africans to France. As a mater of fact, a number of African states were the colonies of France for a long period of time and, consequently, Africans were ruled by the French Government and lived in full accordance with the rules, norms, and standards of the French society.... read more

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Veterans Day After-Dinner Speech

Today is a really great day, it is a day of those, who defend their principles and the principles of the USA, who hasn’t spare themselves and their enemies for the honour of our country, whose fidelity is doubtless, it is a day of those who afforded the honour of being a Veteran. It’s a day when you are to be proud of yourself.

T... read more

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Treaties negotiated in Vienna and Versailles in achieving European stability

Treaties negotiated in Vienna (1814-1815) and Versailles (1919) in achieving European stability

Congress of Vienna ended the Napoleonic Wars period and provided temporary strengthening of aristocratic feudal relations in Europe. In autumn 1814 Congress of Vienna gathered 216 representatives of all European States. Russia was represented by King Alexander I, Austria – Chancellor ... read more

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