Marketing Discussions: Distribution Channels

Discussion #1

The modern market in any area is overwhelmed with offerings. In other words, a customer can choose from a number of propositions and channels of distribution (, 2000). Today, we can purchase goods in so many ways that sometimes we are confused by this variety of choices. The following channels are available for the distribution of nearly any... read more

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Wreck on the Pennsylvania Railroad, 1906

The basis of public relations firms discloses how different techniques of relating with information have an effect in production of new business and societal processes. Shaping information manipulates the public awareness, politics and government policy. In the early 20th century, Public relations developed in sequence with the growth in media. Radio ... read more

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Public relations in Thailand

Public relations takes a significant part in the marketing promotional mix. Its main purpose is to communicate to the market using various communication techniques. Certainly, public relations are controlled by the companies’ or governments’ representatives to deliver positive messages and maintain positive image of theirs. However, they also exist o... read more

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