Commercial Laws of Kuwait

Commercial Laws of Kuwait

Every country has its own rules that regulate the establishment of a business. Similarly, Kuwait has its own rules which must be followed if one wishes to establish a business entity. In order to start a business in Kuwait, a license is required, and is usually issued by the ‘ministry of commerce and indus... read more

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Analysis of a Local Business: Amanda’s Fish and Chips Shop

Amanda’s Fish and Chips Shop is a privately owned business that was established in winter 1954. The first owner Mr. Jonson Fabrisio and his wife Mrs. Amanda Fabrisio were among the first inhabitants of Redcar who decided to devote their life to satisfying people’s hunger in a very traditional way – through famous and extremely popular fish and chips shop’s cuisine. At that time there were on... read more

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Determining Causes and Effects

Every successful business shall always look forward to improve management and expenses in its development. This includes strict attention to chain management and willing to cut all the costs. If you want to raise your margins, you should pay attention to the process of importing materials. For example, importing materials can give you lower prices and better quality of materials. This proces... read more

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Commercial and social entrepreneurship


Today, the process of executing entrepreneurial activity forms the main factors of market economic system. Entrepreneurship is a powerful engine of economic and social development of society. It is precisely this activity that is closely associated with such concepts as “dynamism”, “initiative”, and “courage”. Thus, it realizes many interesting ideas, which favor th... read more

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evaluation of buyer analysis

Product: counterfeit pens with UV LED light.

Retail price: $9/unit.

Export from: U.S.

Selling counterfeit product can be a trouble business or quite lucrative, depending on the product being sold, and business environments of operation. Peru is a country, who's communication traditions are based on trust a... read more

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Human Relations and Leadership Issues in Small Business

How Do Management and Leadership of People in Small Businesses Differ from Large Organizations?

Introduction and Purpose

The purpose of the paper is to analyze how leadership skills influence efficiency of small and large businesses, investigate the differences and similarities of the affects leadership and human relat... read more

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USC business

The World Bachelor of Business will require a focused student targeting to work as an executive in the global market. The degree will require skills like business acumen, networking abilities, proactive thinking. This is because the degree is aims at imparting business skills from various economies of the world, which will require integrity, self-drive, interest in globalization and the dive... read more

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Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity

1.0 Executive summary

1.1 Business ideas and goals

The idea of the business is to manufacture locally and retail business clothes combining classical style and modern accents. Possibility to order the suit or other business clothes in the preferable colour or size is considered to be one of the most essential propos... read more

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The Scope of Risk Management

To start with, it is necessary to identify the scope of risk management. As it is seen in the materials of the case, Paula Kinski, the CEO, suggests such stages of risk management: review, analysis and planning, and monitoring. On the first stage it is necessary to take into consideration the risks that already exist. After that the following risks ne... read more

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Performance evaluation

All organizations should evaluate their performance regularly to ensure that they achieve the set objectives. Performance evaluation enables the management to implement corrective measures in the normal operations of the business. The two performance measures that an organization can use include the balanced score card and the economic value added me... read more

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