The Forms

In his vast body of work Plato allotted a core place for the theory of knowledge. Being left with the legacy of his predecessors Plato gave a new interpretation to their views (pre-Socratic philosophers claimed that true reality is material; to follow that up the Sophists believed that material order is all there is to the reality, and because things always were in constant change and, there... read more

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Confucius Bk 8 Ch 7


In the passage Confucius refutes all his knowledge, saying that although he knows a lot, there is still much more of things to learn. Confucius expresses his willingness and earnestness in teaching.


Our life is constant learning; we can`t stop learning.

While knowing a lot you... read more

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Hume’s division

Hume’s division of all the objects of human reason into relations of ideas and matters of fact is central to his philosophy. According to the scientist, all knowledge rests upon personal experience which begins with various impressions we have of the world around us. All knowledge is divided by him into matters of fact and relations of ideas. Every object of reason which does not belong to e... read more

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Confucius Bk 15 Ch 32

Confucius Book 15 Chapter 32

Thesis: Confucius’ passage states that a man’s virtue is necessary for holding what he has attained with his knowledge. He is claiming that any ruler will not be respected by others in case he is unable to be a dignified man. Confucius adds that the governor cannot reach the full excellence if he moves the people “contrary to the rules ... read more

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