Describe one specific event which formed your first impression of Stony Brook

And Stony Brook is constantly growing. Its community is always being developing starting from the students who are then growing to the scholars, the health professionals, the entrepreneurs and all the valued members who make up the vibrant Stony Brook community. This establishment is not only a great local and national university; it is one that is ma... read more

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Reflective Assessment: Learning Styles

While, in college, I learnt different methods that students acquire knowledge. These methods are usually educative especially for individuals who want to get the best from learning. A number of people have preferences for learning methods that are interactive and easily identifiable (Kinsella 2007). It is usually commendable for tutors to understand the most appropriate learning methods that... read more

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Creating and Administering Formative Assessments

“Creating and Administering Formative Assessment” Creating Formative AssessmentWhen creating formative assessment, the teacher should first realise the purpose of the assessment and then set the goals they expect from the assessment. From the earlier assessment, I realized that the students had not been attentive to one of my learning goals. Some students failed to respond positively to pred... read more

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Data Collection and Sample Population

Selecting suitable sample populations and understanding the process of data collection are important elements of research. Let us discuss sampling and data collection that will be used to answer the following question:

Is it better to give students the homework or complete all of the tasks in the class?

In order to answer the aforesaid question it is necessary to o... read more

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Environmental Analysis

The world is becoming a smaller place when it comes to communication, travelling, business operations, and education. More and more institutes expand their education services across geographic and cultural boundaries. To prosper on the new frontier, it is important to be aware of the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors of the international environment... read more

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Learning Solution Proposal

Various situations evolving in the school and classroom environment are often related to teachers’ and students’ efforts, intensions and actions aimed at achieving academic success and avoiding school dropout. Therefore, one of the basic instructional problems a teacher needs to address is to ensure efficient academic progress of students by means of implementing an adequate curriculum, inst... read more

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Problems University Students Face

Practically each of us either was or will be a student. The study occupies the most part of our life. The student’s life of all students is the same: all students have lectures, examinations, tests. Therefore, all students have common problems.

The first vital problem of all students is their financial state. Students never have en... read more

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The Form of a Teacher

What Makes a Teacher Genuine?

Teachers are those people who affect our life every day, even subconsciously. They are a source of encouragement and support for the students. That is why their task is to be a good example. A great teacher is some kind of a mix of a parent and a friend. Surely, teachers should show discipline, but a... read more

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One of the most important things the teacher interferes with

One of the most important things the teacher interferes with is the community of the classroom, the atmosphere of which depends on whether the teacher was able to create and maintain positive attitude to each member of the class as a part of one social formation.

From the very first day of work at school one of the utmost objecti... read more

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Study abroad

The aim of education is to provide students with a complex of knowledge and skills that are to be used in future life and professional activity in particular. Besides, it also must teach students how to learn and where to get information, how to differ important data from less important. In fact, education is about how to teach students to pattern the... read more

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