How does Ivan Turgenev in Fathers and Sons display more remorse for women than the woman in Chekhov’s Short Stories?

Literary works of Chekhov and Turgenev occupy the central part of the classical Russian literature and that speaks for their great value for readers of all times. Their books are significant not only as a source of esthetic satisfaction but they also provide us with great ideologies and behavioral examples and inspire us to be better people. This could be achieved by analyzing the characters... read more

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Alienation in Relationships

At first sight, “Ice” by L. Tuck, “Your Fate Hurtles Down at You” by J. Shepard and “Bed Death” by L. Ostlund do not seem to be thematically connected. The short stories mentioned above are set in different places, and their protagonists appear to have nothing in common. However, a thorough analysis reveals that in fact the writers touch upon the same... read more

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