Corporate Social Responsibility

First, Make Money. Also, Do Good by Steve Lohr (2011) is an article which deals with corporate social responsibility, which was posted on the 13, August, 2011, in The New York The author of the article reviews works of various businessmen which were performed in various periods of time, and comes to conclusion, that moneymaking is not of greater importance than making good, if to ... read more

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Chocolate Consumers Feel Guilty For the Wrong Reasons

Corporate social responsibility and green marketing practices became mainstream in the recent decades (The Economist, 2008). While some scholars as well as practitioners are ready to call it the new marketing revolution and a transition towards the new paradigm of corporate responsibility which assumes that the primary responsibility is not only to deliver profits to its owners and managers ... read more

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Are CEO's Paid Too Much?

Today’s CEO’s definitely receive too much for their managerial performance. The recent protests in the USA arranged by the Occupy the Wall Street Movement proved this right. There is a tremendous difference between the CEO remunerations and staff salaries in many corporations. Such gaps naturally provoke protests, dissatisfaction and conflicts in the workplace. Therefore, corporations shoul... read more

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility can be defined as an integral concept that puts together the entire business roles to the society, environment and to the economy (Dahlsrud, 2008). This comes to existence because it is difficult to separate the business from the environment and the society in which it is set up. It involves deliberate programs crafted by firms as a way of taking care of the s... read more

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Business Ethics and Sustainability

The present stage of the development of economy and society is characterized by the socialization of business caused by public, political and economic factors. The increasing interest is shown to social, ecological and ethical aspects of any company’s activity along with the economic one. An objective need is the formation of social responsibility of ... read more

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Apple’s Responsibility Audit Report: Is Apple Really Responsible?Examine the business practices of Apple and consider whether these activities demonstrate responsible corporate behavior. Companies are much more than institutions made for the sake of profit. They directly affect the environment, communities, workers, etc. Therefore companies should work at the highest levels of responsibility... read more

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Occupy The Economy

Occupy movement plays an important role in setting its challenge to capitalism in remarkably profound ways over a short period for most Americans. Even though occupy is not unequivocally anti-capitalist movement, most of its major slogans, tunes and activities have had subtly anti-capitalist feature to them relating to how capitalist approach works and for which individuals. According to Wol... read more

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Case Study - Ethics

Case one: Family business


The point of contention in this case resonates on the need for confidentiality in the payment protocols in the company and that or moral choices facing employees. Jane has just been hired as the head of payroll department. According to the ethical considerations of... read more

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Marketing’s Consequences: Article Analysis

The paper of the same title by N. Craig Smith, Guido Palazzo, and C. B. Bhattacharya (2010) goes upstream and downstream of the global supply chain with the focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR), producer and consumer activities. The argument developed in the article draws attention to the negative effects consumption and stakeholders’ decis... read more

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