Managerial Incentives

In philosophy there are two opposing points of view on corruption and its regulation in economics. These ideas (to some extent) can be applied to governmental sphere. However, it is impossible to choose one of two theoretical perspectives to describe the Congress and the Senate of the USA: elements of both viewpoints are necessary.

To begin with, from my point of view, Berle and... read more

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The Nationalization of YPF

The history of YPF can be traced back to 1922 when it started as a state corporation. It became the first state corporation in the world to deal with oil. The company was later privatized in 1993, following the passing of the State Reform Law in 1989. After privatization, majority of its ownership was acquired by Repsol, which was Madrid based. Repsol’s ownership at the time of nationalizati... read more

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Special Interests


Interest groups are organizations with a common interest in politics to protect and in other cases to make sure that the interest they are pursuing go well for especially in the government. These groups are for celebrating a common heritage, pursuing a political or social agenda, shaping a policy debate or strengthening a voc... read more

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Eminent Domain

America has always tried to be a society that values its equality before the law. Nevertheless, question of eminent domain is raising serious discussions. Main noticed (2007) that when we allow such takings, we risk becoming a society with two sets of rules – one for those who have political or social or financial power and another for small group wit... read more

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Invented arguments

The H. Lavity Stoutt Community College is owed more than $ 2,000,000 by the government under the Tuition assistance Programme. Such claim was made by Hon Myron Walwyn. According to him, the college has not received any payments since the second half of 2009 and it was counted that the debt for tuition is $ 2,747,947.

The Minister o... read more

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Confucius Bk 13 Ch 16


In the passage considered the short conversation between the Duke of Sheh and the Master takes place. The Duke of Sheh asks the Master about his opinion about the Government. The Master replies that the ideal Government should possess certain traits. First of all, it should ensure, that the people who belong to the country ... read more

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Confucius Bk 13 Ch 6


Confucius’ passage argues that a government may be effective even without the issuing of orders if its leader shows a correct personal conduct. Otherwise, if the leader’s words do not coincide with his deeds, no orders will make people follow them.


A prince’s correct personal behavior cont... read more

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