Which approach in a creative economy is the most sustainable and appropriate for the U.A.E?


The United Arab Emirates is the most powerful country at the Middle East. Together with some other countries, it exports 65 % of world needs for oil and gas gaily, therefore, political stability of the country is vitally important for the whole Middle East; it is also the issue of concern for many other countries like the United States of America, China, Russia, and... read more

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Determining Causes and Effects

Every successful business shall always look forward to improve management and expenses in its development. This includes strict attention to chain management and willing to cut all the costs. If you want to raise your margins, you should pay attention to the process of importing materials. For example, importing materials can give you lower prices and better quality of materials. This proces... read more

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Global Marketing

(a) Introduction

WorldTextile is a young company which manufactures clothing and supplies it to various countries of the world. The company targets males and females, children and adults to provide more people with textile of the best quality. Addressing such wide target group, the company has more opportunities to become a world-known brand and provide people with clothes which... read more

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The Nationalization of YPF

The history of YPF can be traced back to 1922 when it started as a state corporation. It became the first state corporation in the world to deal with oil. The company was later privatized in 1993, following the passing of the State Reform Law in 1989. After privatization, majority of its ownership was acquired by Repsol, which was Madrid based. Repsol’s ownership at the time of nationalizati... read more

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Entry into Foreign Market

Intensification of internationalization and globalization over the last years opened new opportunities for companies in terms of their development and expansion. After entering into new markets international companies can expect an increase in their revenues, profit and power. New clients’ base, potential partners and resources attract companies’ managers to make aggressive strategies of exp... read more

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The New America

The history of the United States of America has periods of the development which from the first site are different, but if we take a closer look, they have something in common. In 1940, this country had economic and political conditions that were provided by great depression that happened as a result of overproduction of goods and lack of money to buy those same goods. Something like that we... read more

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Major Trade Theories

Absolute advantage

A country, individual, or firm has an absolute advantage in producing a good if production of the good absorbs fewer resources (or less time, in the case of an individual) than are required in other countries or by other individuals or firms. (Ralph Byrns)

This is one of the most important basic conc... read more

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Politics of development world

On balance, do you consider the free movement of capital across borders a good or bad idea for developing countries? Why?


The effect of free movement of capital across borders in developing countries and emerging markets has been widely argued and disputed throughout the recent five decades. This paper is foc... read more

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How you can represent your country


Getting a chance to study in a university in the United States is one of the greatest opportunities I have had in my life time. Studying in another country means a lot to me. It means being exposed to a new environment, new people whose cultural and social backgrounds are totally different from mine. On a much bigger s... read more

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