Gender and Crime

Using a functionalist approach, societies, are characterized by specialization, high complexities and diversity. Every process in society requires the collective and progressive functioning of its people. Using this approach, crime, is normal in any given society. It is essential to the daily life of the society because it cannot be contained. In case the current criminals stopped their acti... read more

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U.S Constitution

The second amendment to the United States of America’s constitution

On December fifteenth, 1791, the second amendment to the United States of America’s constitution was adapted. This amendment aimed at protecting people’s rights in terms of keeping and owning fire arms. This was along other Bills of rights that had been included i... read more

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Occupy The Economy

Occupy movement plays an important role in setting its challenge to capitalism in remarkably profound ways over a short period for most Americans. Even though occupy is not unequivocally anti-capitalist movement, most of its major slogans, tunes and activities have had subtly anti-capitalist feature to them relating to how capitalist approach works and for which individuals. According to Wol... read more

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Capstone Project


Instructional problems are experienced everywhere in the society be it in school, at home or even at work. Instances are witnessed whereby communication is not made effective due to poor instructional methods. For instance a parent may require their child to do something but unfortunately lack the proper way of instructing... read more

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Plan sheet for tribute


The tribute speech should include the lifestyle of an individual. A brief description of the individual to whom the tribute is dedicated should be made would be very important. The background, profession and general life would be essential for the tribute. The main idea in this case would be to reveal the positive impa... read more

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Living without Society

There is a phrase that the human being cannot exist without society. In order to provide sufficient answer, it is needed to provide definition for such concepts as society and human. Thus, human is a biosocial being that possesses cognition, speech, ability to create things and use them in the process of social work, which leads to development of high moral and intellectual qualities. This d... read more

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Confucianism vs legalism

To start with, it is worth mentioning some interesting facts about the foundations and nucleation of both Legalism and Confucianism, as it is almost impossible to evaluate properly the importance of this or that philosophy without investigating thoroughly its origin, causes and conditions of its nucleation ... read more

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