Case study proposal for healthy aging

Alice is a 70 year old female patient who has been suffering from an inflammatory bowel illness known as Crohn’s disease for 46 years. This disease mainly affects parts of the gastrointestinal tract. Crohn’s disease currently has no cure; however, Alice has been taking an immune suppression drug as a means of remission. She was prescribed by her gast... read more

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Child Development Journal

Childhood obesity is becoming a big problem in America and all over the world. Researchers said that the obesity epidemic is striking American children today. 7.3% of boys and 5.5% of girls are classified as extremely obese in the Southern California. The obesity epidemic provokes a lack of physical activity and bad eating habits (addiction to fast ... read more

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Who is to Blame for Child Obesity

The market of the fast food services is probably is a constantly growing and expanding area in our country. In every city it is possible to find fast food vendors everywhere. This industry is gaining more and more popularity nowadays and naturally it does not always have positive consequences. The connection between the growing popularity of fast food vendors and the health problems, especi... read more

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