Healthcare Deregulation: the State Policy Making

The US health care system is one of the largest branches of the American economy in which huge resources are concentrated. The medical industry makes one seventh part of the whole national economy in which over 10 million people are occupied. Policy making in the sphere of health care makes multilateral impact on the American society. The policy covers essential interests in the sphere of he... read more

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Veterans Health Care

Health care system entails a combination of political, social, and economic factors directed to public health care. Public health care is taken as a social system because it is concerned with people welfare and their communication. It has an open social and economic system that functions to satisfy people’s needs in medical, sanitary need depending on materials received from outside. All the... read more

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Comparison Between the Health Care systems of Canada and United Kingdom


Health care system is an organization that is elective and unique for every country. Comparing health care systems for different countries is an essential step in determination its level of development, gaps that exists and that require improvement, and changes that could be made in order to upgrade and improve the provis... read more

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