Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana also known as cannabis is a psychoactive drug also used for medical purposes. It is the most-consumed illicit drug in the world. Its widespread consumption, particularly by teenagers, as well as its medical use makes legalization of marijuana a very controversial issue, especially in light of Initiative 502 passed in Washington State on Nove... read more

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Drug use should not be decriminalized

Drug abuse is one of the most burning issues in the USA. Indeed, the problem is so complex that it has two opposite solutions proposed on the governmental level. The first one is to go on the “drugs war”, while the other stands for drug legalization. The latter appears to be unacceptable and ridiculous to Ron M. Leweberg:…Drug legalization is a suicide. We refuse to hold people morally and... read more

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What are the impacts of media on illicit drug use?

It is a well-known fact that communication media function as “mind tools”, but not just as the source of factual information (McDougal, 2011). Many researchers, such as Walter On and J.J. Gibson claim that such is the function of drugs alongside with the media. So, media, as well as drugs affect the efficiency of perceptual and thought processes (McDo... read more

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