The essence of the term “leadership” can be described with the following words. “In its essence, leadership in an organizational role involves (1) establishing a clear vision, (2) sharing (communicating) that vision with others so that they will follow willingly, (3) providing the information, knowledge, and methods to realize that vision, and (4) coordinating and balancing the conflicting i... read more

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Responsasible Administration

Ethics at the workplace is a profound basis for an organization or a structural part of an organization to achieve the most effective and efficient results in its activities. This structural component of the corporate culture depends upon administrative support, which, however, must be aimed at the personnel as well as at the administration itself. Th... read more

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Bed and Breakfast Environmental Scan

There are different nonspecific factors in micro-environmental scan of an organization. For instance, there are those factors that surround the company and that are likely to affect the strategies of the environmental scanning. Comparing the responsibility of the organization, macro-environmental problems do not affect the company directly because the... read more

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Systems Thinking On Organizational Performance and Effectiveness

System is an entity consisting of parts that are interconnected to perform as a complex whole. By means of control systems are aimed at achieving a certain purpose that is defined by the user of the system as well as the surrounding environment, which creates specific conditions and constraints. Systems Thinking presupposes observing every system as a... read more

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Carfinco Financial Group


To: Board of Directors, Managers Carfinco Financial Group

From: CEO

Re: Expanded budget for further investment on information systems to lower our operational costs and develop a competitive edge in global competition.

In my view, the organizational work process needs to be clearl... read more

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Risk Management Plan developed for The Rural Women's Health Project


Effective risk management is the process of evaluating and guarding against potential losses to the organization (Taravella,1990). The organization actively pursues risk in its operations by examining the quality of its internal controls, safety, actions of its staff on the job, and behavior of its volunteers in their ... read more

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Strategic planning HRM

Strategic planning ensures that the organization allocates its resources to the right departments in implementing a strategy. In the human resource department, the organization should ensure that the workers employed understand the goals of the organization. This enables the business to implement its strategic plan effectively. Effective communication between relevant stakeholders facilitat... read more

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