Environmental Factors Affecting Company’s Performance

In this ever changing world, monitoring a company’s progress is a paramount requirement to ensure it delivers to its full capacity the value desired by customers. To do this, various environmental factors affecting its performance have to be put into consideration. The following paragraphs give a situational analysis and offer relevant insights about the external and internal forces that may... read more

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Strategy Implementation

Executive summary

The purpose of this work consists in evaluation of the impact of four primary organizational components on effective realization of Southwest Airlines’ mission and strategy. Organizational design supports the mission and strategy by enhancing the decision-making process and helping create a special atmosphere that motivates workers to perform better. Contro... read more

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Organizational Behaviout & HR Management


How can employees evaluate the fairness of an authority's decision making?

Highly motivated stuff is a key to company’s success. If we think about this more deeply, we’ll see that ideally, there are two main parts of personal motivation: “love what you do and love where you work”. If the first part is more connected with personal qualities, the second one i... read more

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