Are California voters different from the rest of the country?

Are California voters different from the rest of the country?

The state of California is the third biggest American state after Alaska and Texas (Lawrence, 2012). It also has a larger population than other US states (over 35 million), which is why it has the biggest number of districts (53); as a result California’s influence upo... read more

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There is only one source of power, namely the central or national government, during the unitary system of government that is currently the most common form of government in the world. Despite the fact that democracy can thrive in both systems, the differences between the two types of state power are obvious and significant.

The principle of the separation of powers was introduc... read more

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Citizens responsibility

The responsibility of any citizen can not be reduced only to the realization of the debt or only to punish improper (illegal) behavior of the state. Responsibility includes both along with other manifestations. Responsibility is a holistic phenomenon not reducible to its individual characteristics. The state not only binds society legal relationship, but being in a higher structure promotes... read more

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Automata Theory homework

Q 01Proof by induction: we have a sequence of graphs where has spanning cycle, therefore base of induction is complete. Assume that for some , all graphs up to (including ) also have a spanning cycle. We need to show that in such a case would also have a spanning cycle. Indeed, suppose there are vertices in and we can numerate them in the same order as they appear in the spanning cycl... read more

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