Article Review: 'Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon, Dies at 82'

John Wilford (2012) in his New York Times article “First Man on the Moon, Dies at 82” writes about the man who made the “giant leap for mankind” and was the first person to step on the moon. Wilford (2012) informs the reader that this man, Neil Armstrong died recently and specifies the cause of death which was “complications resulting from cardiovasc... read more

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Unlocking Mysteries of the Parthenon

The current article deals with numerous issues which are related to the Parthenon. What is questioned by the article is how people managed to build such a temple. Its greatness and complexity are described in the article and its main idea is that despite the fact that archaeologists revealed many secrets of the process of construction, numerous issues... read more

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Russia’s Local Elections: Politics in Spite of Putin” by Vladimir Kara-Murza

The title of an article I have chosen for my analysis is “Russia’s Local Elections: Politics in Spite of Putin” by Vladimir Kara-Murza. The article was published in a journal “World Affairs”. Date of the issue - September- October 2012. The article gives the reader very detailed picture of Putin’s policy. Additionally, the article reviews the current state of Russia’s local elections. This ... read more

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Sudden Death


The healthy lifestyle is one of the most important trends. Many competent works are dedicated to the history of the sport, in particular to the origin of the sport kinds and the history of sport competitions. One of them is the article that has been suggested for the present analysis.

The Analysis of the A... read more

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