"Goodbye Mother" Review

If understood literally, the short-story “Goodbye Mother” by Reinaldo Arenas is really difficult to percept. The behavior of characters seems to be outrageously inappropriate and beyond any laws of human morale and common sense. Fortunately, the allusion to the Cuban Revolution and the author’s attitude to it become obvious from the first paragraphs.

The Cuban Revolution started... read more

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"The Tell-Tale Heart" Review

There is no doubt that a short story “The Tell- Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe is an extremely interesting literary work characterized by typical peculiarities defining the writing style of Poe. This short story impresses with the atmosphere of mystery, unusual organization of the narration, and extraordinary imagery. On the whole, the theme of this literary work is assertion that people are... read more

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Women have no doubt over the years received a backseat in the society

This had been transpiring ever since ancient times, when women only had a say in the household capacity, which was also limited (Korgen 142). Women engaging in issues of communal development, leadership roles or public affairs got discriminated, and not wholly respected. Some tribes in the world would forcefully choose husbands for girls while at a tender age, without their consultation. The... read more

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Comparing & Contrasting

Conclusions of Life

Before comparing and contrasting works “I Used to Live Here Once” by Jean Rhys and “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost it is necessary to mention that both of them have the same theme is traveling through life in the broad sense. Protagonists in both works are being always in the motion. They are going ahead t... read more

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