Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform


Introduction/Thesis: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed by President Obama on March 23 in 2010 has both supporters and opponents (Ryan, n. d.). The battle over the necessity of the law and the tax imposed by the law on those Americans who refuse to buy (or simply cannot buy) one of health insurance plans (The Patient P... read more

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Healthcare Deregulation: Affordable Care Act

One of the Key Provisions of the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act of 2010 from the Kaiser Family Foundation states:

“All individuals will be required to have health insurance, with some exceptions, beginning in 2014. Those who do not have coverage will be required to pay a yearly financial penalty of the greater of $695 per person (up to a maximum of $2,085 per f... read more

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Healthcare system in the United States is represented by a large network of medical organizations, agencies and establishments. All the healthcare facilities are owned and operated by private businesses. But the government first and foremost provides a health insurance for the employees of a public sector.

A long time the country... read more

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