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Assignment Lab maintains this page as a database of free essay samples for all educational levels. Here you can find common paper samples for college assignments, free sample high school essays, and good research paper examples for university. We have created this collection to help you with excellent free writing samples that will serve as guides for your own writing. All example papers in this database were submitted by other students. Feel free to look for examples of assignments but please remember that research papers are provided for reference purposes only.

Why do we collect and provide free essay samples? Many students look for good academic writing samples online. While there are many guidelines that explain how to write a five-paragraph essay, or how to develop research paper topics of different complexity, very often students need examples of essays done by others. It is always better to read a finished paper than to follow confusing guidelines or tips. Our sample research papers and essays for college are submitted by your peers through our upload form. Our college essay samples were graded and marked by professors, and even revised several times. Do not try to submit them as your own work! It is very likely that most of them went through TurnItIn, and any part of the work that is copied will show up as plagiarized. Instead, use academic essay samples you find here as examples for your inspiration.

If you have a complex essay to write, and need free essay examples, search our collection of free essays, example term papers, and research papers. We have organized sample essays and papers by subject - we have example term papers in Business and term papers in strategic planning, free Literature argumentative essay examples, sample book reports for your English class, research papers in Accounting and free sample analysis of accounting standards. We also have free sample assignments in Finance such as sample company analysis, and many more! We also have a good collection of rhetorical analysis essay examples for Creative Writing, we collected persuasive essay samples for Language Arts class, and our database has free descriptive essay samples in subjects like Film Analysis and Sociology. You can also find free essay samples for more complex subjects like examples of compare and contrast essays in Cultural Studies, and even free sample term papers in Statistics!

You can download paper examples for free. In fact, we recommend that you analyze and read essays you find here carefully - it would be easier for you to understand, for example, how to write an argumentative essay if you look through a sample. You can also look for recent essays (we have essay samples that are several weeks old), for very long research papers (we have essay samples that are up to 50 pages long), and for samples of different writing styles such as MLA, APA, and Harvard.



Note that all papers are meant for inspiration and reference purposes only! Do not copy papers in full or in part. Papers are provided by other students, who hold the copyright for the content of those papers. All papers were submitted to TurnItIn and will show up as plagiarism if you try to submit any part of them as your own work. Assignment Lab can not guarantee the quality of the user generated content such as sample papers above.